News’s Docs News Updates DISCORD FOR MEMBERS PLEASE………

I was searching and looking for a good and safe messenger application until my son, send me to DISCORD and told me about DISCORD ……..

It is very safe, so far as I know, you don’t have to play……. it is developed for online games.

My server name is Har HaBait

You can create unlimited friends, put them in unlimited groups (respectively the names as on the network), give each a ‘job-title’ in a group (Representative….. etc) text chat, audio chat and video chat…… all for free! On the end it is much better and safer than Facebook or WhatSApp. But also with much more features……

On this moment I cannot ‘migrate’ it in the ‘Watchmen from Israel in Jerusalem‘ but I ask all members to download it and install it on your devices.

And fill in on their ‘Watchmen from Israel in Jerusalem‘ profile under ‘Location’ like me: ‘Jerusalem, Israel, ArielRepresentative #1990’

‘ArielRepresentative #1990’ is my ID on DISCORD ……..

When I see your ID on your profile I send you a ‘friend invitation’ if you accept you become my friend and later I invite you eventually to a group.