The West has no Ari Fulds

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The West has no Ari Fulds

He is the symbol of Israeli society, a free society whose soldiers fight not for hatred, but for the defense of their homes.

Giulio Meotti, 18/09/18 13:13 | updated: 22:37

His name was Ari Fuld, the Israeli Jew who was stabbed to death in Gush Etzion by a lousy barbarian Palestinian Arab terrorist from a nearby village. Only Israel produces people like Ari. He was an army reservist, an Internet campaigner for his country, a voluntary guard defending his community, a father of four, an immigrant from the US.

After being wounded, then to death, Ari had the strength and courage to shoot the terrorist, neutralizing him, and saving a woman from the Jihadist’s knife. Israel is unique in the world and exists because it is made up of people like Ari. Read more…..