Weekly Zohar Study: Ha’azinu

Torah’s Docs Parashah Weekly Zohar Study: Ha'azinu

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The Parasha (Story) of Ha’azinu is being read always after Rosh HaShana and it gives us powers and advices for achieving a better year.

Tishrei – Libra

Rosh Chodesh Tishrei – the new moon of Libra

The Wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that the Creator is infinite and His only will is to do us – all the creatures in the Universe – good. Also it is taught, that our future is determined by the Universal truth of “cause and effect”. Meaning, a positive act will lead to a positive consequence and vice versa. Hence, we and we alone determine the “script” of our lives.

The Zohar tells us that every year, in the month of Tishrei, we receive an opportunity to recreate ourselves and to receive the infinite abundance offered to us by the Creator. The Kabbalists say that in the month of Tishrei a gate to a higher dimension, to the Universal storage of Life Energy is open to us, and allows us to draw blessings and abundance, so we can create and design our lives from the beginning once more. Obviously then, the month of Tishrei is one of the most important months with all of its special holidays. It is during this time that special forces exist in the Universe, to assist us in our process of re-creation, rejuvenation and re-designing our destiny for another year. Read more…..

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Hoshana Raba

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Hoshana Raba According to Tradition

Hoshana Raba is the seventh day of Sukkot, named after the many (seven) Hoshana prayers said that day. The custom is to take five Aravot (willows) and to strike them five times on the ground. Some traditional commentators say that the reason for that custom is that Hoshana Raba is the last day we could change what we were sentenced for on Rosh HaShana and Yom Kipur, and the beating of the Aravot is to show that as a result of our deep remorse for our bad deeds, our soul is bitten as the Arava branches. Because of that some stay awake all of Hoshana Raba’s night and dedicate it for Torah study.

Hoshana Raba According to Kabbalah

Hoshana Raba’s eve is also called “The Night of the Seal” since our “life script” for the year to come is being sealed that night.

According to the Zohar there are two kinds of signatures: at Neila prayer, on Yom Kipur, which could be compared to the seal of a king on his decree. However, in order to send this decree another seal must be added on the envelope, as well. This is the second seal which is done Hoshana Raba’s eve.

At that night a verdict is given to each and every one of us for the year to come. Read more……

Simhat Torah

Simhat Torah According to Tradition

Simhat Torah is also known as Shemini Atseret and it is the day that comes after the 7 days of Sukkot are over. However, outside Israel these are the names of the two different days of the holiday.

Simhat Torah is being celebrated in order to indicate the yearly completion of the reading of the Torah and the restarting of it. The highlight of the celebrations is the encirclements -Hakafot of the synagogue with all of the Torah scrolls, dancing and singing with them. The Hakafot take place Simhat Torah’s eve and on the following morning before the reading of the Torah.

After the Hakafot, the last portion of the Torah is read – and it is a custom to call all of the people at the synagogue to the Torah, including all the children, and after that, the sixth reading is called Hatan (The Groom of the) Torah and he reads till the end of the Torah. After that the next reading is Hatan Bereshit (Genesis) and that is the first chapter of Genesis, the beginning of the Torah.

In the evening it is costumed to have Second Hakafot, but this time on the streets.

Simhat Torah According to Kabbalah

Eventually, After we created the connection between the vessel and the soul, between the upper and the lower worlds, between the creator and us, during Tishrei holidays, the marriage moment has arrive – Simhat Torah, and as the bride surrounds the groom seven times at the beginning of the wedding ceremony so that is the meaning of the seven Hakafot on Simhat Torah. We are the bride and the creator is the groom. Read more…..

If you like to come united in Messiah Ben Yoseph with ALL of the Lost Sheep from the House of Israel please read all about it and join