Donate for my next trip to India for the laying of the Foundation Stone

My next trip to India is B”H in the first week of coming December of 2018

This time it is a short trip but a very important one.

On the end of my first trip to India I asked Gaddi to organize themselves into a independent international organization. They did and asked me to become their representative. What I gladly accepted.

After a few years they changed their name from Bet Ya’aqov International into Bet Yisra’el International and asked me also to become their vice-president. Also this I gladly accepted.

Now they ask me to put the ‘cornerstone’ for a new and first of it kind building:

An Ephraim Synagogue/Beit HaKnesset

The plan is that within a year this Ephraim Synagogue/Beit HaKnesset shall be ready and operational. And hopefully more to come all over the world.

I ask you please help me in funding this trip to Hyderabad, India.

The goal is to reach 3.000 $

$0.00 USD raised of $3.000 USD

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If you like any reference in ‘who am I’ or ‘Who stay behind me’?

The ‘elite’ from Yehudah and Ephraim left me……

But I have a good friend’s who stay behind me like, Love to encourage me:

Gaddi from the tribe of Gad – President

A Servant of Most Ancient Holy one of Israel and the Messenger of His Presence


Nathan Touthang from the tribe of Manasseh, Imphal, Manipur, India
Address: Saikul Qtr Veng kangpokpi dist manipur

Ask them about me?


Contact me and/or send your donations

Ariel van Kessel – Representative, vice president
Mobile: +972 545683031
Int. Regd. no: 26538
Address: Rechov Ein-Karem 10b
9574410 Jerusalem, Israel
I Love you Israel……..

For more information about uniting and the do Teshuvah together with Bet Yis’rael International click: and