ChaBaD Today in Judaism Wednesday, Tishrei 24, 5779 · October 3, 2018

Today is Wednesday, Tishrei 24, 5779 · October 3, 2018

Today’s Laws & Customs

• Isru Chag

The day following a festival is called Isru Chag (“tied to the festival”). Tachnun (confession of sins) and similar prayers are omitted throughout the remainder of the festive month of Tishrei.

Daily Quote

In material matters one should always look at he whose situation is lower than one’s own, and thank the good G-d for His kindness to him. In spiritual matters one should always look at he who is higher than oneself, and plead with G-d to grant him the intelligence to learn from the other, and the ability and strength to rise higher.

— Hayom Yom, Cheshvan 24

Daily Torah Study

Chumash: Bereishit, 4th Portion Genesis 3:22-4:18 with Rashi
• English / Hebrew Linear Translation
• Video Class
• Daily Wisdom (short insight)

Tehillim: Chapters 113 – 118
• Hebrew text
• English text

Tanya: Iggeret HaKodesh, Epistle 24
• English Text (Lessons in Tanya)
• Hebrew Text
• Audio Class: Listen | Download
• Video Class

• Sefer Hamitzvot:

• 1 Chapter A Day: Matnot Aniyim Matnot Aniyim – Chapter 7

• 3 Chapters A Day: Berachot Berachot – Chapter Seven, Berachot Berachot – Chapter Eight, Berachot Berachot – Chapter Nine

Hayom Yom:
• English Text | Video Class

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