Lynch attempt in northern Israel

Lynch attempt in northern Israel

Vehicle of Jewish family attacked with rocks and clubs while stuck in a traffic jam in Arab village in Galilee.

A Jewish family from Nazareth Illit was attacked on Friday afternoon by Arabs in the village of Yafia in the Galilee region in northern Israel.

The incident occurred when the villagers identified Jews were sitting in a vehicle that was stuck in a traffic jam in the village. and then began to attack the vehicle. The Honenu legal aid organization reported that the Arabs then attacked the car with rocks and clubs.

The family members said that one of the assailants began to hit the car with an iron pipe, broke the windows and hit the family members. Some of the family members were injured and were evacuated for medical treatment at the Italian Hospital in Nazareth.

The driver eventually managed to maneuver among the vehicles around him and escape from the village. The Israel Police are taking testimonies from the family at the emergency room.

Attorney Haim Bleicher of Honenu is assisting the family. Read more…… and see video interview…..