How a Himalayan Chabad house’s wildly popular rabbi almost became a Tibetan monk

Rabbi Dror Shaul prays with his children in the Himalayan mountains near his Chabad centers close to Dharamshala. (Courtesy)

Shaul made a commitment that if he survived, he would go to the Western Wall and say thank you to God. Soon after, he spotted smoke in the distance and traced his way to the fire, finding a group of locals who led him out of the jungle.

He immediately caught a 12-hour bus ride to Delhi and boarded the first plane back to Israel.

It was the festival of Shavuot when Shaul arrived at the Western Wall. Thousands of Orthodox men in their white prayer shawls were tightly congregated for the priestly blessing, an impressive sight that touched his heart.

He began to explore Judaism in earnest, albeit with “a lot of [inner] resistance.” Read more……