TheRebbe org “In the begining”; A dwelling place for G-d Bereishis

“In the begining”; A dwelling place for G-d


In the Garden of the Torah: Noach

Adapted from
Sefer HaSichos 5751, p. 62

Purpose and Its Realization

When a person is sent to accomplish a task, the goal should be clearly outlined. Sometimes, however, only an allusion is given; the person charged with the mission is not given explicit instructions. Instead, he is left to discover its purpose on his own.

Why would someone choose to issue instructions in such a manner? When the intent of the exercise is not only the accomplishment of the mission, but also the spiritual growth of the agent. Were the purpose of the mission spelled out, the agent would be denied the opportunity of self-discovery, and thus his efforts would lose much of their value. His vision would depend on someone else’s light. When, by contrast, the agent comes to the realization of the goal on his own, it arouses more than his sense of duty; the revelation rings deep within him and becomes part of his own thinking.

Similar ideas apply with regard to G‑d’s creation of the world. When the Torah describes creation, its first words are not “Let there be light.” Instead, it speaks of “void and darkness.”1

Why? Our Sages explain2 that G‑d’s motive in creating the universe was “a desire for a dwelling in the lower realms.” A dwelling means a home, a place where one’s essence is manifest. The term “lower realms” refers to our material universe, in which G‑dliness cannot ordinarily be perceived.

G‑d wants His dwelling to be part and parcel of these lower realms. His intent is not to nullify the limitations of our material existence, but rather to manifest Himself within those limitations. Read more…..

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